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Personal Insurance

What’s important to you is important to us. At AllKane Insurance, we are available to meet with you to review your insurance needs, assess what’s available in your state, and recommend a policy with the coverage that matters to you. We believe in providing the best coverage at the best price. Online quotes that are not affiliated with a local agency run the risk of missing a coverage you may need, or give you reduced coverages that do not match your financial profile, such as low liability limits which put your home at risk in the event of a lawsuit.

Our professional staff will shop many insurance carriers for you to find the best possible price, saving you the time of “shopping around”. We have access to many well-known and highly rated carriers, such as MetLife, Hanover, Travelers, The Hartford and more. By working with us, you are ensured of the lowest price for your situation. Please see “Our Carriers” for a complete list of who we work with for you.

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